Week 8 News

Hello all, I hope you enjoyed the long weekend. Our last one for a while is coming up this week, so no school again on Friday!

In English this week, we will continue our study of expository writing.  Students will practice writing expository paragraphs using a system to help them organize their ideas before writing.  They will also be using brainframes to help with this organization.  The purpose here is to get the students comfortable with writing expository texts in longer forms.  Eventually, during their performance task for this unit, they will write an essay about a topic relating to their created society.  There will be more information on that in a week or so.

This week will also mark the last Book Club.  After Book Club finishes, students will be given the final reading task related to this project.  They will choose a short story from a folder of provided ones.  They will have a week to read the story.  They will need to use the five strategies they have been developing.  The following week, they will come in and define each strategy and then demonstrate how they used it for the short story.  Students will be given a digital version of each story to read at home, and when they come in for the assessment they will be given the physical copy.

In Social Studies, students will continue to look at the structure of society by focusing on culture and how it shapes who we are.  They will also be looking at the importance of mission statements and slogans to different companies and societies.

Parent-Teacher conferences are coming up in a few weeks, an email will be sent out to you on Friday explaining how to book your appointments online. I look forward to seeing you all then.

Life after CWW…

Hello all!

CWW was a great success.  Kids worked to build relationships and spaghetti/marshmallow towers over the course of the two days.  They had plenty of time to meet new people, form friendships, and have fun. I was proud to spend time with them. I was also particularly impressed by those who performed in the talent show – well done all!

This week is another short one, as we have Thursday and Friday off.  In Social Studies, we will finish up our learning about citizenship and look at different rights and responsibilities that people have across the world.  We will also spend time learning about the variety of ways in which people can learn (in traditional schools and outside of them).

In English, we will begin to look at the difference between narrative and expository writing, as we will be working on our expository writing next week. Book Club will take place on Wednesday.  

Well done to all children for trying so hard on their various quizzes! I know we have had a lot recently, but it will definitely be calming down for a bit now.

Enjoy your long weekend.

Week 6 News

Another busy week here in Grade 6!


Book Club is kicking off today, with the students conducting their first meetings. They must make sure that they are always prepared for these meetings, having read their chunk, completed their role sheet and ready to discuss their book. Normally, these meetings will take place on Wednesday, however this week we have had to alter things due to CWW.

The children will all be undertaking a Parts of Speech Quiz. We have done quite a lot of practice on this over the last few weeks so hopefully they will feel adequately prepared. There are resources in the shared folder if they want to do some more practice!

Next week the award winning author Kiera Cass is coming to visit us! She wrote The Selection, which is dubbed ‘the new Hunger Games’ and has just been commissioned by Warner Bros. She will be talking to Grades 6-8 next Wednesday. Very exciting!

Social Studies

In Social Studies, we have began our exploration of Governments.  Students will finish the week with an understanding of a variety of government and economic system types. They will be taking a quiz of the different types of government on Tuesday (13th) next week.

Have a great rest of the week.

Week 5 round up

Welcome back! I hope you all had a great long weekend. It was lovely to have the chance to meet lots of you last week at Open House.

This is going to be a very busy week! As we have lost a day due to the holiday, I have moved the Personal Narrative due date, which was originally this coming Friday, to Monday 7th September.  That will give the students a chance to clean up their writing before submitting on the following Monday. We are really lucky this week as we have the Irish author Niall de Burca visiting the school. He will talk to all of MS on Wednesday and work exclusively with Grade 6 students on Friday. To end the week, we will have Birthday celebrations for August during assembly at the end of the day.  Students will go to their homebase classrooms.


In English this week, students will continue writing their personal narratives and begin revising and editing.  Students will also be introduced to their new reading project, Book Club.  In Book Club, students will learn about and use a variety of metacognitive reading strategies to help them analyze and understand a chosen text.  They will meet once a week for the next 5 weeks.  Their first meeting will be this week and will consist of going over project guidelines and planning out the next four weeks.  After this week, students will meet once a week on Wednesdays in their groups and they will share their use of a particular strategy (making connections, as an example). They will pick up their books tomorrow. Some class time will be devoted to Book Club, but students are expected to complete the majority of the project at home.  

Social Studies:

We will review what we learned about map skills last week in order to prepare for the quiz on Wednesday (Beck) or Thursday (Verdel).  We will also spend time introducing our new focus, Government and Economic systems.  We will assess our understanding of the different types of government and economic systems, and then the students will do some roleplay to practice their basic understanding.  

Sorry, lots of information!

Email me if you have any questions.