Week 4 News

Last week we had a great time in Social Studies learning about how different early humans have lived. We even created our own (non violent!) Hunger Games simulation to compare and contrast the differences in lifestyle between hunters and gathers and those who lived in agricultural villages. The students ransacked the classroom in an attempt to be the ultimate survivors! Congrats to Amanta and Ruitong who took home these crowns!

There will be a Hominid, Evolution and Early Human quiz on Thursday 28th January. The students will have time in class to revise this, but it is important they spend time at home practising these terms as some are quite tricky to grasp.

In English, we worked on the settings and plot for our short stories. This week we will begin to draft these stories and look at different ways to make them exciting.

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Latest News

I hope that everyone had a great week last week. We had a special week because author Alex London paid a visit to ISM.  Students were keen to listen to him speak about writing and the creative process during our special Grade 6 assembly.  He was also frequently found in the MSMC helping students find books, giving autographs, and just chatting about his life.

In English this week, we will continue developing the bones of our stories.  Students have finished their character posters, and now they will move onto creating their settings and planning out their plot.  Students will continue to have time dedicated to their Genre Wheel reading and recording.

In Social Studies, we are going to delve into the theory of evolution and natural selection.  Toward the middle and end of the week, students will participate in a couple of experiential learning activities.  For the second one, students will be paired up.  Each pair will need to bring in one full roll of toilet paper for the activity.


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  I hope that everyone had a relaxing and restful break. I went back to England – it was lovely to see my friends and family, although the cold weather was a bit of a shock!

This week in 6th grade, we are introducing students to our new unit, Discovery.  The big focus in English this week is on the new Genre Wheel project.  This project is a semester long one that will see students setting a goal and trying to read a variety of challenging books from many genres.  Students will have access to the project outline and rubric on Google Drive.

In Social Studies, we are developing our understanding of shallow, mid-range, and deep questions.  In this unit, students will explore hominids and how homo sapiens came to be.  It’s a really exciting unit and the students already seem very fired up about it!

Wishing you all a great week.