Week 9 Update

I hope that everyone had a restful long weekend!

MAP Testing takes place this week. Students already know the following dates, (and that they cannot revise for these tests,) but just for your information:

Beck HB
Language: Monday – Block 4
Reading: Wednesday – Block 3

Vergel HB
Language: Monday – Block 5
Reading: Wednesday – Block 1

In English this week, students will submit their Short Story Scene on Tuesday (Beck HB) and Thursday (Vergel HB).  We will continue to have time to read from our Genre Wheel collections.  I encourage you to ask questions about what your child is reading and what new genres they have enjoyed.

In Social Studies, students will have one period to continue to work on their presentation and practice presenting.  Their Otzi presentations will be on Thursday (Beck) and Friday (Vergel). I’m really looking forward to watching them and hearing their theories!

Have a great week.

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