Week 12 – Enjoy Spring Break!

Hello all,

It was great to see so many of you at the SLCs and to hear the conversations that were taking place between you and your children. I hope you enjoyed having the chance to look at their work and to chat about it.

We have a short week this week as spring break begins on Thursday.   In our interdisciplinary unit, the Future Forecast, students will be working to finish up their research early in the week.  Once the research is complete, they will be working together to truly understand the causes and effects of the global issue they chose. After that, they will start brainstorming possible solutions for their issue. Students will eventually present this project on April 20th.                                                                              
Wednesday is International Day at school, so students are encouraged to wear clothing that represents their heritage (it could be more than one country!) or their house shirts. I’m going to come in red, white and blue for the Union Jack!   

Also on Wednesday, we will introduce the second part of the Genre Wheel project.  This will involve the students comparing and contrasting two books from different genres that they have read.  They will need to prepare notes in advance (compare/contrast brain frame, for example) that help them to understand the similarities and differences in the elements of fiction in the two books.  For example, they could compare/contrast a nonfiction text about medieval history to a historical fiction novel set in the same period.  Or, they could compare/contrast a fantasy and a science fiction novel.  They could also compare and contrast two novels in different genres written by the same author (Alex London for example).  Some genres do lend themselves more favorably to comparing and contrasting, so I encourage you to ask your student questions about the books they have read in order to help them make some good choices.  We are introducing this before the break so they will have a chance to get a new book and read it (or, at least, some of it) during the break.  We will be scheduling our conferences once we get back from the break for the month of April.   

I hope everyone has a fantastic, fun filled, relaxing break. I am jetting off to LA to see my brother who is studying at USC – very excited! See you all soon 🙂

Week 11 – Student Led Conferences

Hi all,

I am looking forward to seeing you at our Student Led Conferences on Wednesday.  These conferences are great opportunities for students to demonstrate their learning throughout the year. They have all chosen three pieces of work from each subject that they want to share with you. I really hope to see lots of you there!

We are now into our Future Forecast project and students are busying working in teams to identify a problem, research it, and then create a product to positively solve that problem. Throughout the week, they will be researching their global issue by creating questions and determining the best places to answer them.  This might include you!

We will also have a sentence structure and dialogue quiz this week.  It will be on Thursday for Beck HB and Friday for Vergel HB.

See you on Wednesday!

Week 10 News

Hi all,

I hope you had a good weekend.

This week we are going to begin our summative assessment for this quarter.  It is called Future Forecast.  In Social Studies, students will be introduced to the project, formed into teams, and they will begin to research a problem that each group wants to solve.  They will be using a research method called MISO.  It stands for Media, Interview, Survey, and Observation. These four areas will allow groups the opportunity to research using a variety of avenues and, hopefully, their understanding of the topic will be more completely developed.  The MISO method may involve your student asking you some questions related to your position.  This is the Interview portion and each group of 4 will do one.

In English, we are going to spend the week watching advertisements and analyzing them using the 6 brain frames.  Brain frames are great information organization tools and they will help students to understand how the ads are structured and what their purposes are.  Eventually, students will use this knowledge to help them, in their teams, to create their own advertisement for the product they create to solve the problem mentioned above.

This whole project will take several weeks and it will extend into the fourth quarter by 2 weeks.

Next week, Student Led Conferences are taking place and you should be receiving information from the MS Office about how they are structured. Any questions though, feel free to get in touch!